Eligible Trucks & Trailers

We take pride in offering a wide range of trucking options to match your hauling needs. Whether you own a Semi Trailer ready for long-hauls or operate a nimble Hot Shot truck for expedited deliveries, we have the perfect load opportunities for you. Explore our diverse fleet of trucks and find the best fit for your trucking business:

Power Only

For drivers without a trailer of their own, Power Only trucks provide the flexibility to haul trailers belonging to others. These trucks are often used for intermodal transportation and moving specialized equipment. Power Only options include the following:

✔️ Day Cabs
✔️ Sleepers

Semi Trailers

Our Semi Trailer division caters to a variety of freight types and is equipped to handle long-hauls, regional deliveries, and more. With capacities exceeding 45,000 pounds, Semi Trailers provide versatility and reliability for your long-distance journeys. Semi-Trucks may include:

✔️ Dry Van
✔️ Reefer
✔️ Flatbed
✔️ Step-Deck

Straight Box

Our Box Truck division is perfect for fast deliveries and smaller loads. Designed for businesses and residences, Box Trucks protect cargo from the elements while accommodating loads of up to 10,000 pounds. We deal in the following Box Trucks:

✔️ 26+ Ft Straight Box (Interstate-Only)
✔️ Reefer Box (20 Ft and Above)

Flatbed Hotshot

We specialize in providing top-tier loads tailored for flatbed hotshot drivers. Whether you’re an independent operator or managing a small fleet, our platform offers a diverse range of flatbed loads designed to match your expertise and preferences.